About Us

abuiltmy.com offers a wide range of building materials products such as Skirting Board , Bricks & Blocks , Furniture Boards , Constructional Timber , Insulation & Damp Proofing etc. to buyers from many countries around the world.

At abuiltmy.com, international buyers can purchase a wide range of products at affordable prices. In addition, our customers can also enjoy customized items, which may suit you better.

In addition to providing professional and knowledgeable customer service to all of our customers, abuiltmy.com also offers a fast and easy online buying process. Since its inception, abuiltmy.com has achieved accelerated year-over-year growth in many business metrics, including total sales, number of orders, and registered buyers.

With the corporate slogan "Trendsetting, Global High-Speed Shipping" and an efficient international delivery system, abuiltmy provides customers with a better and faster online shopping service by collecting quality products.